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Aboriginal Art Unisex Polo Island Totem
Aboriginal Art Unisex Polo Island Totem


Aboriginal Art Unisex Polo Island Totem

$49.95 AUD

This relaxed style polo is perfect for all-day comfort with a soft and comfortable feel. The fabric's active breathability keeps the wearer cool and dry. The timeless profile and modern, generous fit comes with an internal front pocket and works well at all occasions for men and women.



Artist: Shelley Conway

Cultural background: South Sea Islander

Acrylic on canvas, 2019



The cowrie shell has been used for many years in multiple ways from currency to divination, luck and jewelry.


“For me the cowrie is a totem from my childhood. I was always mesmerised by my auntie’s long threads of cowrie jewelry and the vibrant colours decorating her walls. It stirs warm memories of the traditional women in my family and the feeling of belonging to a community connected to both the land and water.”

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