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Aboriginal Art Top NAIDOC 2019 Lore
Aboriginal Art Top NAIDOC 2019 Lore
Aboriginal Art Top NAIDOC 2019 Lore


Aboriginal Art Top NAIDOC 2019 Lore

$44.95 AUD

Celebrate Naidoc 2019 with this Limited Edition women’s top!

Allow yourself to be swept up by the beautiful cut of our new gorgeous fashion tops. Made from soft AirCool material offering active breathability, this top has a fluid drape that’s easy to wear and goes with almost everything. It features small cap sleeves, side splits and a curved back hem.

Naidoc 2019



Artist: Ailsa Walsh

Language group: Lardil, Kullili and Yuggera (QLD)

Acrylic on canvas, 2019



This artwork showcases three suns representing past, present and future. The same Sun that looked after our ancestors, the same one that will look after our future generations. Aboriginal lore was passed on through the generations through songs, stories and dance and it governed all aspects of traditional life. It is important that the messages of our Elders are handed down, our voice is the most powerful tool we have. 


If you listen close enough you will hear our ancestors speak of wisdom, through the rock pools, tree lines and the cracks in the Earth. This painting is dedicated to all Elders who use their voices, out of a dark place they are the beacon of light for us young ones.

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