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Bag Aboriginal Art Bung Gujin


$39.95 AUD

This classic lifestyle bag is perfect for the beach on a hot Summers day, a short trip, or even for your shopping. Features a magnetic button.


Story: BANG-GUJIN     Artist : Shara Delaney

Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) is home to many sea animals. They represent a part of my identity as a saltwater woman;  we share the same home. Stingrays are also known as Bang-gujin . They swim in the shallow waters and are sometimes hidden in the sand. 

They are majestic creatures and not to be feared. Respect them and they will not hurt you. Songlines are the small circles in the painting, connecting each other like the journey my family makes as they travel along the mangroves at Myora Springs and further along the shores. Bang-gujin are spotted by family as they look for mud crabs to catch.


SIZE & FIT:  46cm (W) x 36.5cm (H)

FABRIC: Polyester Drill




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