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Reflexology Feet Model Kit

Chinatown Markets

Reflexology Feet Model Kit

$79.95 AUD

Intended to aid within the practice of Reflexology, this pair of sculpted reflexology feet has the soles marked with the specific points that can be used to help with healing.
Great for practice
and memorization, they can be laid flat or hung up as a quick reference, helping
a practitioner of Reflexology isolate and focus upon those areas that will best
aid in the relief of ailments.
Each foot has been sculpted of cold cast
resin, and measures 9″ long and features a hole upon the back that allows them
to be hung up.
Each set comes with two sculpted feet, one representing the left
and one representing the right.
A brief A4 pamphlet explaining the positions is also included

NOTE: This is a decorative piece, and not intended for medical use.

Comes packed in foam and a neat cardboard box weighs approx 900g

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