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Cruise Clothing


Packing for a cruise is always tricky, especially if you've never done it before.  Here's some tips to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to the information supplied by your cruise company. This will take into consideration your destinations, dress codes and weather whilst at sea. You will also need to know of any cultural clothing requirements for any day drips you may be taking. You can find out about any formal evenings on board, as well as any themed nights.
  • When travelling with others, it is always a good idea to divide your clothing between more than one bag. That way if one bag gets lost you will always have some clothing.
  • Prepare - Considering the weather is pretty consistent out in the ocean, you need to pack clothing that is comfortable and pool appropriate.  If you're planned to see some shows, go to fancier restaurants, and take the occasional off-ship trip, then you should pack an appropriate amount of nice clothing. 
  • Pool wear - Considering that you're going to be spending most of your time by the pool, you'll need long lasting and good-looking swimwear.  Also, make sure you have a good pair of pool shoes (flip flops, flats, Tevas, etc) with good grip to keep from slipping on the deck. 
  • Evening wear - Some cruise lines require formal evenings 2-3 times a week, depending on the company.  But, in the past years, cruise lines have been adopting the "resort casual" attire which alleviates the passengers from required formal wear. 
  • The flight (if you're taking one) - As you should with all your flights, separate your health necessities from your main bags.  For example, keep your allergy medication and any other essential medications in your carry on. 
  • Try not to overpack - Considering airlines have a 23kg maximum for check-in luggage, you should be conscious of how much you're packing.  Try to only take outfits that you can easily mix and match, this will cut down on the number of outfits to bring. 


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