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- Fabric Choices -

As a general rule the best fabrics to wear in the warm weather are made from natural fibres such as Bamboo, Cotton, Hemp, Linen and Rayon. These fabrics breathe and let the air flow, keeping you cooler.


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Bamboo Fibre is the best fabric for high humidity weather. It has natural anti-bacterial properties and regulates your bodies temperature, keeping you cooler, drier and odour free. Bamboo fibre is very soft and feels similar to a cross between silk and cashmere against the skin. Bamboo is one of the worlds fastest growing plants and therefore is ecologically sustainable. It is easy to care for with a cold machine wash, and if hung out well you can get away with no ironing. Any slight creasing disappears with you body heat.

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Cotton has been a favourite for a long time. A soft, breathable fabric, it is perfect for the warm weather. It is recommended for hot climates to go for a thinner, lighter fabric and to be worn loose to allow movement of air from the skin through the fabric. Cotton absorbs moisture well, keeping the skin dry and increasing evaporation. It has the ability to be machine washed, must be cold washed, shrinkage can occur when hot washed. It is easily ironed and reasonably durable.


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Linen is made from the Flax plant, it is a natural fibre which is cool and comfortable to wear in a hot climate. It is worn "relaxed", not perfectly pressed, this is part of it's charm. Linen creases and crushes less the more it is washed, this is why your favourite linen pieces are the ones you have owned for a while. Modern linen pieces have been 'pre-washed', or 'silicon-washed' as part of the manufacturing process to speed up the softening of the fabric. If ironing, you will find it easier to have the fabric slightly damp.


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Rayon, even though it is made by man, it is made from wood pulps and paper pulps meaning it is still natural and breathable. Because of its make up Rayon it is not as durable and prefers to be hand washed, rather than machine washed. This is easily done, then hung out neatly in the shade to drip dry, no ironing will be required. There are many grades of Rayon, and it can be a more affordable option than other natural fibres. Rayon is also known as Viscose, Modal, and Cellulose Fibre./


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Hemp is extremely light to wear and does not stick to your skin like un-natural fabrics. Hemp allows the air to pass through easily and obstructs UV rays from the sun. Easily laundered by cold to warm wash, line dry in the shade to keep the natural colours.


- Other Things to Consider -

Dressing is all about personality. The great thing about warm weather and holidays is we are normally having fun! This give license to live a little and be a bit brighter, happier colours. Azure has chosen the pieces that will keep you as cool as possible, now you can chose the pieces you will feel comfortable wearing. Hope to hear from you soon.



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