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Join the Azure Beach Swimwear Affliliate Program

Azure Beach offers a Pre-Order service on swimwear so that Women can choose the perfect cup size swimwear. Also includes Men's and Childrens swimwear.

Working with award winning European Swimwear Brands - Sunflair - Opera - Olympia - Sunmarin - Wavebreaker - Freya - Fantasie - Elomi we use our buying quantities to offer our customers to order their perfect fit.

Your Benefits:

* Cash commisions paid via Paypal paid on your sales

* Performance rewards. Higher selling affliates receive higher commisions

Sales commisions calculated per month

0 - $1000 per month = 5% commision  

$1001 - $2500 per month = 10% commission

$2501 - $5000  per month = 15% commission

$5001 upwards per month = 20% commission   


* App supports all types of affiliate links. 

* Multiple Currencies. Track sales in multiple currencies and recompute them into one default currency.

* Direct link click tracking

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We look forward to working with you.

The Azure Beach Team.