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Pre-Order Lead Times

Add to Cart Item ready to be shippedthese are in store available to send immediately, and will be done so Express.

Pre-Order - Item is expected to ship by :within one weekthese items come from our Australian warehouse they will be dispatched to you within the week.

Pre-Order - Item is expected to ship in 3 weeks

We work with our swimwear manufacturing partners warehouses out of Germany and the UK to offer our customers their perfect cup size swimwear. We offer every size they have available in their warehouses for Pre-Order, so that our customers have more choice in their desired fit. They will be shipped to our store and then dispatched Express to you in approx 3 weeks.

At Azure Beach we like to offer our customers their perfect style and size/colour/fit. 

It would be impossible to stock all styles and sizes in the products we offer.

Azure Beach uses our close relationships with companies all over the World to supply the largest range of sizes of swimwear products to our valued customers. Our team are committed to sourcing and supplying your exact sizes as fast as possible, however current global conditions sometimes throw a few challenges our way.

So what is a predicted date of arrival?

We display predicted arrival times on our website for all pre-order swimwear products of approx 3 weeks. This timeframe is the date into our store ready for dispatch to you. If you are in Australia, this is 2-3 days after this time. If you are overseas, this is 7-10 days after this time.

What is causing the extended delays?

Pre-order swimwear products are coming from warehouses in the UK and Germany, being shipped from these countries in batches ( not singularly ) and arriving in Australia first, we are using our buying power to secure the exact styles/sizes our customers would like to order.

We like to say approx 3 weeks until your order arrives at our store, then ready for dispatch to you. If you have any time restrictions for when you need your swimwear by, please add this in the notes of your order and we will do our best to make this happen. Sometimes this takes longer, and is out of our control, if we are unable to source by the required time, of course you are welcome to a refund. We will add your style/size to our store for someone else to purchase.

Sometimes popular styles has gone into re-production and may not be available straight away, but may be available at a later date. If this is this case we will contact you and see whether you are happy to wait a little longer or you would prefer a refund.

* With swimwear the most important fitting is the bottom size ( nothing worse than a saggy bottom in your swimwear ). If your exact cup size is not available we may offer one cup size larger or smaller. This fitting is also great, as swimwear is stretchable so an easy fit. Also, a lot of people do not know their exact cup size.