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Suit Saver

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Suit Saver

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Guaranteed to remove 99.9% of harmful chlorine and its odour from swimwear. Keeps colours bright & extends the life of your swimwear.

Environmentally safe - water based and contains no nitrates, phosphates, perfumes, dyes or detergents.

Quick, easy and economical - one squirt is all it takes. (Each bottle lasts approximately 50 washes)

Proven track record since 1992 and today ranks as the number 1 product in the USA swimwear industry for protecting swimwear against the ravages of chlorine.

Easy to use - A quick squirt of Suit Saver in a sink-full of water, immerse swimsuit, drain and rinse, then, then dry in shade. That's all it takes.

Suit Saver binds up all the chlorine in seconds! There is no waiting for it to work, no hot or warm water necessary.

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