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Aboriginal Art Cushion Cover by Angilyiya Mitchell

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These beautiful, unique textiles are a cross -cultural collaboration combining Aboriginal designs and tradional Kashmiri handicraft. The chain-stitched (Gabba in local Kashmiri) cushions are hand stitched by

rural folk in remote villages in one specific region of Kashmir. Over generations they have honed their skills and refined their hand crafted produce. Only the most skilful artisans can faithfully reproduce the images we send to them. Aboriginal artists in remote regions in Australia, as well as others living in the cities, benefit from regular royalties paid monthly, as well as using these products to tell other people about their rich cultural heritage. 


ARTIST: Angilyiya Mitchell

This popular Tjukurpa (Dreamtime Story) about the constellations of Pleiades and Orion that is common to most Indigenous Australian groups. The different versions of this story depend on where you live and the significances of local Dreaming places.

The sisters are said to be Pleiades and the other star Orion is Nyiru, or Nyirunya (described as a lusty or bad man). Nyiru is always chasing the sisters known as the Kungkarrangkalpa sisters as he wants sex and to marry the eldest sister. The seven sisters travel across the land to escape Nyiru's unwanted attentions, but he is persistant and always finds them.Eventuall sisters fly into the sky to escape Nyiru forming the constellation. As Nyiru is chasing the sisters he tries to catch them by using magic to turn into the most tempting Kampurarrpa (bush tomato) for the sisters to eat and the most beautiful Yirli (wild fig tree) for them to eat and camp under. However, the sisters are knowledgable of his magic and too clever for Nyiru who they outwit again and again. they go hungry and run through the night rather than being caught by Nyiru. Every now and again one of the sisters, usually the big sister, is caught and raped by Nyiru. It is said he also captures the youngest sister, but with the help of the oldest sister, she escapes back to her sisters who are waiting for her.

This painting takes place at Kuru Ala, a sacred place for women in Angilyiya's grandmother's country south of Papalankutji (Blackstone). Nyiru was following them disguising himself as a Quondong tree, a Yilri (wild fig tree), then a carpet snake, spying on them as they made camp, building wiltja (shelter) and wind breaks and digging for food. The repetition of white circles and lines represent the footsteps of the women dancing, as they shuffle their feet through the red sand. The circles are the sisters.

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